Spring :: Time To Minimize & Get Clean

When I think of Spring I think of new. I think of clean. I think of Birth and renovation. I think of sunshine. I think of fresh. I think of pretty and I think of being outside. 


It's Spring and all I want to do is clean and get organized and start planning dinners on my patio. Flowers are blooming. We wake up to birds chirping and fall asleep to the sounds of crickets. I'm so excited and love So Cal Spring weather and beauty.

I've been all over pinterest finding DIY projects and inexpensive ways of freshening up my Wintery house, sprucing up the patio and shopping for outdoor games and sports equipment. 

As I have been looking through countless photos and comments I have had a few thoughts and discovered a few interesting trends with not only with me but with others who pin similar styles: 



What makes a home pinterest-worthy? Great style? Yes. But what about the homes that have "no style" {for lack of better way of describing what I'm trying to say} how come we like these homes? People seem to love homes {of any style really} they see online because these homes are CLEAN and mess free. They are staged and have very little crap or clutter laying around. 

I used to wonder why I loved going on vacation and staying in cool hotels - or any hotel for that matter? Why did I love moving so much? I moved 8 times in my 20s. 

Starting fresh and or being in a place without an accumulation of crap…is appealing. 

Trashes are empty. There are no junk drawers. No food laying around. There's aren't piles of laundry to fold. No empty boxes or random plastic bins with who-knows-what. Closest have nothing but hangers. And the list goes on. There is something to say about starting fresh and being minimal. 

The moment you enter the room you sit on the bed and breathe out a long sigh. Am I right? You feel this sense of relief. Your brain is clear because your environment is clear. It motivates you to feel GOOD. 

There are countless books written {Feng Shui} about being organized and clutter-free at home and how it can change your daily life, relieve stress and bring success and wealth. {?} There is definitely some truth to this theory, at least for me. i.e. When my car is a total mess, there is this lingering annoyance in my head that I can't really explain or seem to get rid of until I clean it. 

And the best part about minimalism is that:

+ It doesn't cost any money. In fact you can save you money and even MAKE Money just by getting rid of stuff in your closets {you could sell everything}. 

+ You can still have style. You can still add color. You can still collect art or whatever it is that you love.

+ You can still add your own personal flair. Just because the house doesn't have a bunch of art on the walls or collectables on the shelves doesn't mean there isn't style. Style can come in so many ways. The best way to think of a minimal home is to think about every object in the house as being USEFUL. If there is no use for the item, ask yourself WHY you have it? Does looking at it make you happy? Or do you just think you need it?

+ You can save the money that you would spend on stuff at Target that you won't like in a few months and eventually redo your bathroom or buy a really nice piece of expensive furniture. 

+ It's one way you can be eco-friendly.

Notice the homes you see above and below. There is a lot of thought that went into these homes, despite the fact that there isn't much stuff laying around.


Of course, since I am a health nut I have to tie this message into a food related one. So, there is a major link between cleanliness / clutter-free house and the refrigerator / your body. You waste less food when your fridge is minimal and you can see EVERYTHING in it. But not just that - when you are less stressed and feel clean on the outside you have more of a desire and mindset for putting clean things into your body. I know, sounds WEIRD but it is true. The same is true for the reverse - I think when you eat clean and your house is less filled with processed foods you are more apt to want your whole house to have a clean makeover. 

So this Spring, let's all find the beauty in our homes by clearing out unnecessary furniture, giving away or selling clothing that you haven't work in a few years, toys that don't get played with and kitchen utensils you just don't use. 

  • Imagine drawers that aren't overflowing - that you can open and everything inside is used everyday.
  • Carpet you can actually vacuum. Hard wood floor you can actually see.
  • Closets that are organized and toys that are easy to get to. 
  • Build a storage closet for the crap. Keep the crap in one place so that the things you use everyday are easily accessible. 
  • Make a pact to not buy stuff you know you will be sick of in a few months. 
  • Put mail in a designated area and shred what you don't need. 
  • Packing you house with things you love is FUN and yes it's meaningful as well but there is such a thing as too much pretty stuff. Too many collectibles. 
  • Keeping your home minimal will help you sleep better, eat better, have less brain fog, be more motivated and save you time on a daily basis. So why not?

Happy Spring!

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