Happiness On A Plate & With A Straw!

After 2 whole weeks being sick with that awful flu going around I decided to do a raw food delivery service. I couldn't be more happy about this decision. So happy in fact that I will be ordering 4 meals a week from here on out from them. 


Chef Perkunas, of Veggie Vibes in San Diego, is a mad genius. He is always happy. Always smiling and always out enjoying Nature. You just KNOW his food is going to be good if his "vibe" is that awesome.  

You might have remembered a post I did about two years ago or so about his delivery service {?}. The dishes are damn good. I'm not sure why it took me this long to order again. They do smoothies, juices, desserts and salads as well as these insanely beautiful and insanely gourmet meals. {show above and below}. I know some people who ONLY order the juices and smoothies. 

Since I love making drinks and desserts and salads, so I don't order those. Just the time consuming, extremely intense and gourmet dehydrated pizzas, enchiladas, sandwishes, etc. {all raw vegan of course - no dairy, meat, sugar or anything cooked}  At about $12 a plate - NO MORE EXCUSES!


I've been juicing again, making smoothies and simple nut milks as well. Some of which have turned out amazing. To get recipes like this more often, you can follow me on instagram. I post a lot of simple combos and photos. Below are photos of my latest smoothie creations. 


Another happy food moment this year was remembering a breakfast I used to eat everyday back when I was in college. I made it for Wes and kids a few days ago and I'm so glad I am bringing back this tradition.

It's easy to make, easy to digest and SO easy to eat.

Sprouted Breakfast In A Bowl

1 slice mana bread {usually found in frozen section at the health food store}

1 heaping Tbls raw almond butter

1 handful berries or papaya or persimmons

1 Tbls maple syrup {optional}

Mix it all up in a bowl. Delish! {see below}