Giveaway Time with Melissa Bowman

I'd like to introduce everybody to meet Melissa Bowman -- Chicago's renowned Nutrition and Fitness Expert. 


A perfect way to great ready for bathing suit weather & spring cleaning {of the body}!


Melissa earned her Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition, is a registered Dietician (RD) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics with a holistic background {yay!}. 

But it's not just about losing weight. She also focuses on teaching and empowering clients {who range from celebrities to infants to elite athletes} to incorporate healthy behaviors, including proper nutrition, strength training and recovery in daily life. With over 15 years of experience Melissa's talents lie in helping clients gain a deeper understanding of their bodies while achieving a great balance in energy levels, eating practices and overall well-being. She has helped clients overcome everything from hearth disease and obesity to diabetes and depression. Her web sites are and

Today on the blog we are giving away 1 of Melissa's FAMOUS 28 day cleanse/detox KIT's in addition to 3 consultations and unlimited email with Melissa throughout the 28 day process AND a personalized meal plan for going forward. YES, this is for real…the giveaway amounts to almost $700 worth of goodies and services

I also got to interview Melissa and want to share her responses with everybody. To tell a better feel for her personality and her expertise....

PUREmamas: So I hear you not only are a health coach but you're a pretty competitive athlete. You did a few ironmans in your past? Any plans to do more?  

Melissa: Yes, I am currently training for Ironman Canada in Whistler, Aug 2013.  

P: How is your cleanse PURE or Holistic? What makes it that way? i.e. Do you talk about eating more plant-based and less animal products? Do you recommend less packaged foods and more clean, fresh produce? etc.  

M: All the products in my cleanse program are free of all chemical, additives, artificial anything, gluten, dairy, soy and corn free.  The foods that are recommended during the program are real, wholesome foods.  All foods have to be organic and free of gluten, dairy, soy, sugars, corn, chemicals, etc. 

P: What is your favorite breakfast?  

M: I am really basic, since i started replacing my breakfast food with my smoothies, I can't start my day any different, even on Ironman Day.  My smoothie is basically the same everyday- 1 scoop of PhysioMeal, 1 scoop of PhysioCleanse, 1 scoop of PhysioFiber, 1/2 blueberries, 8 oz Zico Coconut Water and cinnamon.  YUM!!

P: Do you workout you everyday?  

M: Yes, to get the hours of training that is required for me to be competitive in Ironman, working out everyday is necessary for me.  I do have lighter swim days or bike days, so not ever day is intense or long.  I feel "off" when i dont workout.  

P: Lastly, what is this about Al Roker? He's a fan? And what about the rest of the Today Show cast?  

M: Al Roker is a client who did very well on my Detox and Cleanse Program, it changed his life.  I continue to work with him to keep him healthy, he is doing great, I even ran a marathon with him!  I do have several others from the Today Show cast as well.  There is a joke around the show, "The Cleanse Lady" is in the house!  


IF YOU DID NOT WIN, you can still use mention PUREmamas and get 10% off the awesome 28 day cleanse.