Getting Creative with Beet Juice

This year I'm trying to be a little bit ahead of the game when it comes to holidays and this blog. I want to put themed craft and recipe ideas out there BEFORE the actual holiday {wink}. So, I know it's a bit early, but I am sharing with you a few fun Valentine's Day ideas using beet juice.  


If you put about 3-4 beets through a juicer what do you have {see above}? Beet juice of course. 

For the past few years, I have been wanting to use red dyes to make pink items for Valentine's day. But since I don't like food dye, I refuse and end up just making chocolate or using paint. 

But this year I thought I would play with beets and beet juice. It's fun to get creative with this super bright red liquid. It's concentrated enough so that you only need a few table spoons.


Uses for Beet Juice

  1. using a paint brush or your hands, you can paint some pretty water-color type pictures
  2. you can stain white t-shirts or towels with this juice
  3. make white chocolate turn pink for holidays
  4. turn your kids' {almond} milk pink
  5. or throw a few ice cubes and some agave into a blender with beet juice and make a red slushy
  6. using a juicer you can juice beets and apples for a wonderful Valentine's Day breakfast juice
  7. add beet juice together with frozen bananas, strawberries and milk to a blender for your kids - it makes a really BRIGHT pink smoothie
  8. makes a great dye for homemade playdoh
  9. there are so many ideas. get creative. beet juice is FULL of the most wonderful nutrients. non-toxic. edible art. it looks as rich as and brighter than blood


At Paper Source I discovered the cutest little red/white chevron baggies. I'm going to fill each one with one chunk of chocolate as "Valentines" this year at my sons' school. We also made chocolate bark out of white chocolate the other night. I'm still perfecting the recipe and will post when it's all finished. 

Have a lovely weekend! Stay warm!