Friday Favorites

Ok, I obviously don't know what to call this new idea I have for my Friday posts. My goal is to share lots of cool/fun things every Friday. Whether it be MY fav instagram pics or somebody's else's; my new food obsession or Meredith's latest adventure. I want it to be fun and exciting. I see this similar format quite often on blogs and these types of posts are addicting to read. I like the idea of getting a chance to share what we like on the WWW, cool products or what others are doing. So, instead of the boring old health food recipes I'm going to spice it up today. Next week Meredith will share her favorites. Here goes...


Over the past month I have been to LA and Napa solo - sans kids. It's been a fun change of scenery and pace. I haven't left my kids with their dad EVER before so this is exciting. In LA {my old stomping ground} I got hang with this rad chic at this fab hotel. Then we met with this celebrity {have you seen my column on her company's blog?} to celebrate her new awesome book. I was actually quite surprised as to how great the book really is. She covers a lot of ground, is totally right on in the eco and health department. When we spoke to her she told us these things:

As far as mommy stuff goes, one of the my favorite things she said was that she hates that moms judge each other, LIKE WHO CARES WHAT OTHERS ARE DOING she explained. Everybody has their own story and method. I feel the same way.

As far as style goes, when asked what her style tips would be for any mom she recommended investing in a great tailor. It was actually a super good advice. She said that it's how an item fits that matters, not really where you bought it from. So, you can take something from H&M or Target and make it look like it cost $200 just by fitting it to your body. LOVE THAT. 

As far as food goes, she likes to feed her adorable kids {I got to meet her sweet youngest} and herself organic food. She doesn't use one of these - EVER! She's loves to cook and is adamant about her kids 7pm bed time. She uses her evenings to unwind, hang with friends and/or her hubs after 7 and that's super important to her. 

Anyways, that was a great trip. I also learned about this super fun APP for the iphone. It's so much fun and your kids will love it. 

Napa was a total relaxing blast - I drank too much amazing wine and ate too much good food. I love it there. It's just beautiful. And everybody is so hip yet so into home grown organic food and fine dining. 

I got to hike and picnic for 2 hours at this beautiful ranch with these fun people and drink their super good wine. I also fell in love with this chardonnay.

My latest beauty obsession. WOW. So healthy. I mean, you can't get anything cleaner and more pure than this. It takes a bit of getting used to but SO worth the benefits and not worrying about chemicals or fragrances

I also own every one of these face masks. They are to die for. I like to sit with them on my face while also using good deep conditioner in my hair and doing a serious salt scrub all over my body. I feel so good after that. 

Speaking of clean, there is also this GREAT 8 step self dentistry {scroll down} regime I'm loving as well. The best gum remedy on the market? Awesome.

Via facebook I found these two AWESOME blogs. The first is full of beautiful recipes and photos. Everything she makes is right up my alley. I SWEAR she reads my mind. The second one is RAD. You gotta follow this girl - she is so brave and says everything I want to say but don't. She is a cutting edge health nut. And I love it. 

Lastly, my kids new favorite health food snack and my favorite new addition to a plant based diet.