Friday Favorites {with yours truly}

It's Friday!!! And I'm really excited for what's to come this next week

We had a great holiday weekend - lots of friends, neighbors and gatherings.


My boys are officially 4 and 5 years old. I just can't believe it. The month of May has been crazy since my kids both have birthdays. EXHAUSTING! Thanks Lauren for the photos. 

I laughed my butt off this week watching this youtube clip. Sit down with a cup of tea and relax and laugh…it's worth it.

And after 2 weeks of headaches {not sure why I had so many - maybe from too much of this or maybe that} I am rejuvenated. I has been a long time since I couldn't get out of my bed and I was FORCED to catch up on this awesome old-skool show. I don't think I have laid in bed for that long of a time SINCE this show was popular. WEIRD. 

It brought me back to a time when I lived alone in Santa Monica. Pre Kookie Karma. Sans a boyfriend. Sans kids! It was a really memorable, empowering time in my life. So this show brought back all these emotions and feelings.

While I was healing in bed and getting some much needed R&R my boys spent a night doing this and getting really dirty

I can't tell you how excited I am about my new front door color. We had it painted due to some cosmetic issues. I'm in LOVE. 

Meanwhile my latest food obsession is any and everything veggies - surprise surprise. Raw and roasted combined. I have been playing around with all kinds of dressings lately: Honey mustard {Hannah Mendenhall is awesome BTW}. Olive and capers {this is not my recipe and i haven't tried it but it looks awesome}. Ume vinegarTahini lemonPesto. Herbs like dill and parsley! You name it. Sometimes though, all I want is two bowls of this simple yet vitamin packed dinner. 

I'm happy to announce that my kids are now FINALLY eating kale salad and raw veggies. Ever heard of sparkling probiotics? My son drinks it as his "soda" and I couldn't be happier about his habit. Fingers crossed that it continues. I discovered this stuff lately as well and it's my life a whole lot easier - no more scraping and cutting! 

Summer is coming and that means lots of FRUIT!!!! My tomato obsession hasn't stopped either. Tomatoes are getting better and better as we near Summer. Mmmm. Mmmmm

It's nearing June and that means 4 weeks until Wes {my son's daddy} leaves for Idaho for this big race. YES, it's been a long long 6 months of training. I'm exhausted just hearing about the stuff these guys do to train for the event. Wes has done one 2 years ago but the cool part this time around is that Wes has been plant based the entire training. He preps by listening to this guy's pod cast {very motivating}. Uses a lot of this and sucks this stuff down on his rides. I'm proud of his choice to treat his body right and not just guzzle and scarf anything in front of him. He's lost a ton of weight and is fitter than almost anybody on the planet. Trust me. 

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Next week I will be talking about this awesome lady and my unsettling findings using this gadget! Stay tuned.