Friday Favorites with Dr Christine

Today integrative health care specialist and medical journalist, Christine Dionese, is sharing her FRIDAY FAVORITES. Like all of us, she's been super busy but still trying to maintain her healthy habits. Read about her lovely day! HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYBODY!


This is the face of one happy girl. All week I’ve been looking forward to my home away from home, overnight trip to LA today. Upon arriving, this is the familiar face I’ll get to see, but first I’m going to stop by here to start the trip off with one of my fave Chinese herbally inspired beverages. Then it’s time to catch up with this energetically gifted gal and I’m rejuvenation bound!

It’s been an eclectic and satisfying roundup of finishing work, writing and homey projects this past week. I just stopped at this world-famous oasis in Juli’s hood to show my gratitude for all of the career and personal bliss that’s recently come along. And, this bliss is “catchy” because my patients have been calling to tell me how awesome they’re feeling! If you want to get inspired, check out this family I’m really happy for!

Call Me Suzie Homemaker: Home & Garden Has Been My Life This Week...

This week I made the rounds in San Diego to visit Garden Eats’ clients. Being in the sun so much reminded me how important my summer skin care routine is. My rules for products? If I can eat it, then it’s safe for my skin! I’ve been spraying these on my face and even here too! I keep mine in the fridge for a cool, post-workout mist as well! If you haven’t tried them, get them all, you’ll be so happy!

While seeing Garden Eats clients I stopped at the best organic nursery for supplies. On their two-acres of farm expanse, they grow and maintain every plant organically- even their decorative plants! You’ll be so surprised when you find out where it is too! Modular gardens are my thing this year, so I now have these eco-friendly guys ready to go with these little gems.

I have a new baby and a new house and I work from home, so decorating and organizing is ever-shifting and tricky. Inspired by this new life in the local community, I’m finally installing a living feature I’ve been wanting to for a while now. One of my sweet and talented friends is the “chief garden ho and bossy boss” of this really lush firm. Right now, I’m picking out greenery to create one of these beauties on the dining room wall.

Amid the busy busy, I vowed to open the pages of my favorite design periodical this week (although I’m constantly declaring to reduce the paper in my life, I’m having trouble alternating to the digital edition only). If you’ve visited my Instagram, you’ve noticed that I love living in the “kid” world- I’m fascinated with designer toys and stuff like this. Since my little gal’s first birthday is nearing, I decided this eco-conscious play-thing would be fun and when we’re done with it, we can break it down to compost. And, we’re a family of gardeners, I couldn’t resist the yellow rain boot!

I just told Juli that I want to blow the guests away by serving gluten-free, divine, healthy desserts at the birthday party. After her birthday, we’re off to take a trip to the Flatirons and to visit family in Boulder, Colorado. When we get back, I’ll share all of the enviro-friendly experiences the mountain city has to offer and what unexpected adventures lie ahead today in La la land!  

Happy sun-kissed weekend! Hugs Christine