Friday Favorites with Meredith Baird

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind of activity recently. So much going on!
All is very exciting, there is never a dull moment for sure. I'm super
pumped about Juli's idea to introduce a treasure hunt format to take a peek
into the what's happening of our lives. And... now that we live closer,
there may be more Juli and Meredith sans kids adventures! 

photo 3.JPG

As Juli already mentioned last week, we attended an Honest Co. event - met Jessica Alba, and got to hang out the Avalon... as you may know, anything designed by this lady I am a fan of- so it was great to hang :-)

On the business side of things my latest project has been selling well - which is
awesome! The feedback I'm getting is just so exciting - very grateful for this!
Me and the M.A.K.E. {Matthew Kenney restaurant} team launched a new project with a really rad name. And the menu is simple but really clean and healthy. And we're not the only ones that are excited about it

Keeping it real, and keeping it busy!

Last weekend I went on a work trip and it was gorgeous. Although, I kept
visualizing scenes from the Shining. The spa was HUGE - and I had it
completely to myself. I was immersed in these products; and for all of you moms-to-be out there, you must to have this, it smells divine!

All of the {com}motion makes it important to focus on pleasure in the little
things. I'm adjusting well, and loving my new Hood. I'm very fortunate
to live in such a cool area. Some of my new {and not so new} favorite
things around my block are...

The Yam Cake at this tasty restaurant.
Yam cake is that same funky konjac stuff that I talk about in my vegan
shrimp blog post

These crazy matche lattes from this restaurant's to-go menu are amazing - the almond milk is homemade fresh and the portions are proper (no 24 oz drinks!)

Our Spring restaurant menu always inspires me - and the new Seaweed Rye Crackers at  are yum! Served
with a caper "butter" and a smoked mac nut cheese. I bring them home all
the time

Since moving to Venice - this "perfume" has been my
staple scent. The store custom blends everything in front of you so your product
is super fresh. I've never received more compliments on my smell in my
life. That, in combo with my poetic
...leaves no more room for sandalwood on my bod. {a little Friday joke}

What would be a Friday Favorite without mentioning a new favorite accessory and my favorite read?

Love this company - their jewelry is funky
and cool for the summer- and very reasonably priced.

My bedside table is always full of random things - and my latest read was an exciting non-fiction. The writing is beautiful, captivating, and I was totally in the mood for it: think art scene NYC 70's, motorcycles, coming of age...that kind of thing.

I also read this book - and I would recommend it to probably anyone reading this blog. And... if
your really feeling adventurous- add this to your coffee table. Ooh la la, did I just recommend that?

I recently revamped my favorite page {where Ms PUREmamas, Juli, and I actually met} and it's making me super happy and inspired again these days!

These are the little bits for now!

Happy Weekend! xx Meredith