Dr Axe In The House! & His Book Giveaway!

A few weeks back - on the PUREmamas facebook page - I told readers: If you could ask a holistic & very cool doc anything you wanted, what would it be? You guys were full of great questions. I sent them all to Dr Axe and asked him to answer a few of them when he got a chance. And well, good news is, he answered ALL of them! AND HE'S GIVING AWAY A COPY OF HIS NEW BOOK! 


When Dr Axe reached out to me about his new book, I agreed with open arms to feature him on the blog. Anytime a chiropractor who practices alternative therapies wants to share their knowledge with us, I'm ALL EARS! I love Dr Axe's passion for nutrition, diet and his take on disease PREVENTION...rather than the more common bandaid {prescription drug} style of treatment. 

He dedicates a lot of time to video blogs, interviews, recipe sharing, writing health articles and books and just spreading good nutrition with everybody he comes in contact with. He even has his own radio show where he discusses all kinds of health concerns and topics. This kind of doctor is what will change the way people look at disease and the role WE play via diet and lifestyle choices in the state of our own health. 

Dr. Axe earned his B.A. at University of Kentucky, and Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Palmer College in Port Orange, Florida.

So grab a glass of water, sit back and enjoy all his awesome answer to your urgent health concerns. Then comment to enter this cool book giveaway!



Long distance endurance exercise - what is a good fuel? Are fats ok? Why and why not? Any suggestions?  

My favorite fuel for long distance exercise is coconut and chia seeds.  Fats are good if it's a slow and steady pace.  However, if you are going at a higher intensity then I recommend not consuming fat because it's harder to digest and consuming fruit and an easy digestible source of protein at a 4 to 1 ratio.

Hormones and the pill - do you think they are part of cancer epidemic? 

Yes I do.  Birth control can imbalance hormones increasing the risk of certain cancers.  One of the side effects of birth control is candida and yeast.  I have had many female patients come to me over the years after getting off birth control and have major candida issues.  For this I recommend eating probiotic rich foods and lower sugar and starch intake.  

80 10 10 - your thoughts on this type of diet. 

I don't think a Fruititarian Diet or the 80/10/10 is healthy.  Way to much sugar which promotes the growth of bad bacteria.  I recommend a diet high in vegetables, fruits, sprouted nuts, seeds, organic meat, and raw cultured dairy.

Are you more into animal fat or coconut oil? 

Good question.  I am only into animal fat if it's 100% grass-fed or wild caught salmon for the Omega-3 fat benefits and the CLA and SCFA's.  But Coconut is amazing because it contains MCFA's which help you burn fat and lose weight.  So my answer is I like both equally!  I make a smoothie for breakfast that contains coconut milk, raw cultured dairy (amasai), and chia seeds.  So I am getting all the healthy fat I need for the day.

What is one thing you would recommend somebody do everyday we for optimal health {disease prevention and living long life}? 

I recommend drinking a Superfood Smoothie every morning for breakfast!  My smoothie includes:

1/4 cup coconut milk

4oz kefir (or amasa)

2 tbsp chia meal

1 cup frozen berries

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 handful of spinach or greens powder

1 scoop or raw or organic whey protein powder

What are the odds of reversing Thyroid Disease and the serious symptoms/illnesses that it can cause IN A NATURAL WAY?  

There are many causes of thyroid problems but the 3 things we must address are deficiencies, toxicities, and sensitivities.

First, Remove all Gluten and A1 Casein from your diet which is basically conventional cows milk (goat milk or A2 cows milk is OK).  Really, it's best to go grain free and use coconut and almond flour instead.  Lectins found in grains which are in the same family as gluten wreak havoc on the thyroid.  However if you insist on eating gluten, sprouted grains like ezekiel bread are better.

Second, stop eating GMO foods, Soy, Artificial Sweeteners, and other toxic foods

Third, consider supplementing with Selenium and Iodine in the form of Kelp.  Those are common deficiencies.

What should we be eating to improve fertility? 

The key to improving fertility is to lower carbs by reducing sugar and grain intake.  Then loading up on healthy fats since they balance hormones.  I recommend you focus on getting these 4 Fats:

MCFA's - Coconut and Palm Oil (cold pressed)

SCFA's - Raw Pastured Dairy like Raw Cheese, Amasai, and Kefir (I recommend the Beyond Organic company for A2 Dairy or finding goat's milk products)

Omega-3 - Wild Caught Salmon, Chia, Flax, Grass-fed beef and raw pastured dairy

GLA - Hempseeds, Evening Primrose Oil, and Borage Oil

Is wheatgrass really worth 5 lbs of greens? Do you do wheatgrass? 

I do wheatgrass juice on occasion but more frequently do juice from carrots, kale, beets, cucumber, lemon, and ginger.  It really depends on what nutrient your talking about and what vegetable you are comparing it to.  If we are talking primarily about Chlorophyll which has alkalizing benefits then that statement is probably true for that specific compound.

Favorite underused ingredient for babies food! 

Hmm.  Probably Coconut and Goat's Milk Kefir.  I also don't think babies should consume grains or cereals.  I recommend having them start with vegetables, coconut milk, and avocado.

What did you have for dinner last night? 

I had coconut chicken tenders with a salad that had spinach, sprouts, tomato, raw cheese, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil.  And for dessert I had some dark chocolate covered almonds.

Curious what you think about kombucha 

I drink Kombucha and other fermented beverages frequently.  We have a major enzyme and probiotic deficiency in America and Kombucha is packed with both.

If i want to feed my child meat {my son only eats it 2 times a week} what would you suggest? bloody beef or wild caught fish? 

Tough question.  I will go with Salmon because of the high levels of Astaxanthin and EPA/DHA that support brain development in children.  But I am also a fan of 100% grass-fed beef.

How about his thoughts on hypothyroidism. I am very sure the mercury amalgams in my mouth have caused this. I'm researching to have them removed (safely, by a biodentist). I am trying to heal this naturally without prescriptions. Wondering what he would prescribe to naturally heal hypoT.

Yes, Silver (amalgam) dental fillings are a major cause of hypothyroidism so I do suggest finding a mercury safe dentist and having them removed.  Then I made my other recommendations in an early question.  Also, consider finding a Functional Nutritionist or doctor of Functional Medicine who does Chelation therapy and supplement with large amounts of probiotics.  Bentonite Clay can also help pull metals out of your system.

Name 3 foods American's should eat but dont, and why.

1. Fermented Vegetables like Sauerkraut and Kimchi - most people don't like sour

2. Kefir (dairy or coconut) - most people don't like sour

3. Kale - most people don't like the taste of green.  But if you know how to cook and season Kale can taste amazing!

Thoughts on the Quinoa controversy. Is it a good replacement for wheat/pasta, or is it doing more harm than good?

I think Quinoa is a better option than wheat and most other grains.  But all grains including quinoa contain lectins that are inflammatory proteins found in grains similar to gluten.

Also, if you are going to consume grains like Quinoa, they should be sprouted.  Grains contain mineral-blockers called Phytates which inhibit you from digesting minerals.  So if you can soak and sprout your grains they are much healthier.

Parents get so worried about their little ones {for GOOD reason} as their care taker and often resort to anti-biotics for EVERYTHING because afterall it's so easy to get and is the best quick solution to ease anybody's mind. can you share your thoughts on this and what we can do instead? or when we should panic an when we don't have to panic?

Yes, we love our kids and can sometimes go overboard.  One of the biggest causes of health problems in children today is the overuse of prescription antibiotic drugs.  Yes, you may have helped them overcome this short term problem like a cold or flu, but now you just increased their likelihood of developing chronic and even life threatening illnesses because antibiotics weaken the immune system.  I think the biggest deficiency most kids have today is in probiotics.  I would make sure that your kids are getting probiotics in food form on a daily basis.  And there are great natural anti-microbials like oil of oregano and colloidal silver that don't kill off the good bacteria only the bad.  This is what I have my patients use when their children are sick. 



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