Del Mar Whole Foods Grand Opening!

The last few years have been looking up for North County San Diego peeps. We have had 2 Whole Foods Markets open up and one being LARGE and IN CHARGE!


This Del Mar location is not your average grocery store. In fact, it's not your average anything. Everything about it is upscale and progressive. The isles have unusual girth {more food than I've ever seen and you'll never crash your cart into somebody else's} probably due to the 30,000 sq ft of shopping.

Plus, there are so many employees that you don't have that annoying problem of looking around the stores for somebody wearing a badge or apron just to ask where the gluten-free stuff is. In fact, I ran into not one but two employees just by being distracted by all that there is to look at.

But, what I loved most about this store is that it gives you this feeling of being in another country. It reminds me of this wonderful store in Zurich, Switzerland that I just couldn't get enough while visiting {I think I went there everyday}. And now I have one in my own town.

Another very "Euro" aspect of the store is that there is a BAR inside - Trifecta Tavern - a relaxing and casual bar/restaurant with wine and a rotating selection of over 30 craft beers on tap, along with an extensive food menu. Not to mention flat screen TVs!


A very big change that I noticed about this store, besides the signage, is that they have an area where they sell their own fresh pressed juice. In the same produce area, they have a section labelled "100% Organic" and for me this is so wonderful. The one complaint I had about Whole Foods was that if I had my kids and was in a hurry it was inconvenient to have to weed through the veggies and fruits looking for organic and not mistakingly grabbing the conventional stuff. 

This alone makes my life so much easier...and shopping experience more convenient. 


They even have European-style macaroons! I'm telling you, Whole Foods Del Mar is a step up from any other grocery store; its an experience and no longer a chore to shop. 

Other cool features that you'll find here: 

  • In-store bakery with scratch-made breads, muffins, cakes, pies, cookies, gluten-free items. Custom decorated cakes will be a highlight in the Del Mar bakery department created by a top local decorator.
  • Seafood department featuring sustainably sourced fresh and seasonal specialties including Live Sea Urchin, Uni and Abalone.
  • Sandwich Bar using nearly all locally-sourced San Diego ingredients
  • The Whole Foods Market Del Mar store will create approximately 150 new jobs in the local community.
  • And once a year raises quite a bit of money for local schools.

For more information:

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Happy Wednesday!

*note: this post was brought to you by Whole Foods Markets.