DAVID KIND & The Super Special Gift

We all have that special somebody in our lives that we love dearly but just don't want to shop for because they either a) have everything they seem to want already or b) are so picky that you are too afraid to pick out something they don't like? 


I SURE DO! And...good news is that I discovered the perfect gift idea for your loved one who wears prescription glasses - whether it be reading or for driving or just everyday prescription glasses.

This ideas is especially good for a him or her, reading or sunglasses, a stylish pop or your picky husband, or mother-in-law or super cool boss. 

I chose to have David Kind send a pair to my mom. She's a high class lady {wink} who usually wears cheap glasses to read and see things up close. So I thought this was a PERFECT gift for her! Something truly fabulous that she would normally feel guilty spending money on. 

These glasses are extremely special because they are stylish, elegant, high quality and a totally unique experience. Let me explain what I mean by experience...see my diagram below.


Why We LOVED The Experience 

One of our experienced eyewear stylists created a profile based upon my mom's facial features, complexion and style.

Her stylist hand selected 6 frames for her to try on at home free of charge. Free shipping both ways. If we chose to purchase, all styles were $295 per pair including David Kind Trivex digitally-optimized lenses with AR coatings.


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Happy Holidays!