Beautiful Juice Recipe

The JUICE wagon doesn't have to be visually boring.

Ok. Yes, juice usually looks colorful, healthy and refreshing so to that extent it is appealing- but I'm talking about INTERESTING looking! 

Playing around with layering juice is a great way to keep things mixed up (or not!) - and keep things visually creative.  

photo 2.JPG

Like layering any beverage juice acts in the same way. Different juices have different consistencies- therefore they can be stirred, swirled, twisted and layered. Juicing citrus whole makes a really nice foaming texture that works great in the layering process- I love this texture, and always juice my organic citrus with juice, skin et all! The skin is also fully of antioxidants and citrus oils that are great for digestion and immunity. 

A favorite juice in my house is a green version with pineapple. Pineapple is relatively high in sugar, but it makes a great addition to the flavor and texture of juice. Its best to have in the morning - it aids in digestion, acts as an energizer, is great for inflammation and immunity. YUM. 

Here is my version of layered juice perfection! 


(This makes 2 Massive juices- could easily make 4) 

Layer One

1 Pineapple

2 inch Chunk of Ginger 

2 Limes (Whole) 

1 Lemon (Whole) 

1 inch Chunk of Fresh Turmeric (if available)

Juice all of layer ingredients and pour into glasses or jars. 

Layer Two

1 Large Head of Kale 

1 Head of Cilantro 

2- Fennel Bulbs 

1/2 Bunch of Fennel Fronds (if available) 

Juice all of layer two ingredients and pour on top of pineapple juice mixture. The pineapple and citrus foam will rise to the top. 

And sip sip sip away!!! 



M {Meredith Baird}