The Latest Picks For Cool Kids

Between Pinterest, online mags, Project Decor and building a new home this Summer, I've come across some very cool kids decor and stuff. 


Online shopping can be much more fun than your traditional shopping because not only are there way more things to choose from but you can search key words that lead you to the perfect items: eco-friendly or felt toy bins or modern plastic cribs {AMAZING} or DIY play house. YOU NAME IT. You'll be surprised at the amazing things you'll discover. 

One of the things I've been searching all over the place for are outdoor play structures. Of course I have found the most hideous designs and they definitely aren't cheap. So, we're looking to design our own using natural materials and such. Stay tuned for photos.

For now, check out this blog that my sister-in-law turned me onto. Very cool ideas. You definitely get inspired. 

I was pleased to discover the extremely cool Dacha outdoor play house for kids. What a lovely mid-century design!


How amazing is that high chair. That was definitely a Pinterest find. I wish I had a baby to put in it {wink}. Another fun pinterest find was this D.I.Y. fort made from old newspaper. Wow, eco-friendly, cool and fun!