The Grande Finale :: Happy Holidays Giveaway

I was going to separate these last few giveaways but decided {after a few days of not being able to even write anything after such a horrible tragedy we are all facing in America right now} that instead I'd pick one lucky winner to receive everything you see here. About $180 worth of goodies! Read below to find out what these products are and WHY I chose them...I'm proud to say that each company we are featuring today - and have featured these past few weeks- is a small business doing good for the planet. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody.  


The Best "Healthy" Chocolate You've Ever Had - Seriously this is the best raw vegan healthy chocolate you will ever have! Chocolatl is pure heaven, so indulgent but full of antioxidants. Hand made with seriously love, you will never go back to regular old overly-processed chocolate bars again.  

We are giving away 1 jar of chocolate sauce and 2 raw vegan chocolate bars

AMAZING Healthy Vegan Cookies - ok ok, I'm a bit biased. But these healthy Kookie Karma snacks are vegan and void of any of the butters, oils, unnecessary soy proteins, eggs and fillers. 

We are giving away 8 kookies - 1 of each flavor. 

The Cleanset Soap You Will Ever Use - Naturawl is a company created by a mom of 4 who eats a high raw vegan diet and cares deeply about the environment. They specialize in baby body products as well. 

We are giving away 1 green tea liquid hand soap and 1 green tea lotion.  

The Most Unique iPhone Case & Calendar {great for 2013 resolutions} - OK, so talk about unique. This iPhone case is made to use as a form of "intention". She designed this iPhone case as a mobile altar such that she can carry her intentions with her wherever she goes. Based on the idea that the more energy and attention we put into our intentions, the more quickly, effortlessly and miraculously they manifest.
Anytime you eat or have something important going on, you can put your positive intentions into it via this Dani Katz iphone case. SO CREATIVE. I just had to share this with everybody. I love it. And additionally, her calendar will keep you inspired spiritually all year long - with positive thoughts and affirmations! A small business based out of LA. Check out her etsy shop, too. 

We are giving away 1 iphone case and 1 calendar. 

---------------------------CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED----------------------------------------