Seaweed Salad & Potato Parsley Salad

Two of my favorite - very different - side salads: Potato Parsley and Seaweed Salad! Both vegan, gluten-free and full of flavor. 

Over the weekend I decided to re-shoot these salads because when I originally blogged about them, years ago, I didn't have photos. 


So, in case you haven't tried my asian seaweed salad - here you go! Seaweed is full of vitamins, protein, iron and micronutrients. This salad is super simple and easy to make and you'll be surprised at how good it tastes. 

Click here for the recipe and original post.

These garlic parsley potatoes are so simple as well. Potatoes, parsley, garlic and olive oil! Yep, that's it. {sea salt of course}. Vegan and gluten-free, this salad makes the perfect addition to any main dish. And a great option when you need something fast to bring to a pot luck!

Click here for recipe and original post.