PUREmamas Natural Deodorant Favorites!

We are here today to share with you all our favorite natural deodorants - that actually seem to work for us! {wink} Christine is here to tell you WHY you should use natural deodorants! read below...


The most important reason to make the switch to a natural deodorant is to avoid parabens and aluminum compounds that have been identified as known endocrine disruptors. These disruptors have been shown in studies to cause atypical cellular division (the cellular process that causes cancers such as breast and prostate) as well as Alzheimers. 

To keep our delicate hormonal balance in check, I use all natural deodorants. While they don't contain an antiperspirant, they do a great job keeping you fresh as a daisy.

In addition, some deodorants can be irritating to the skin or contain other unnatural scents or preservatives.

If you find yourself "sweating bullets" no matter how much deodorant you use, you could be dehydrated or accumulating too much metabolic waste via alcohol and poor diet choices. Sometimes we sweat because our immune systems need a boost or we're dehydrated. Green foods, red powerfoods, seaweeds, coconut water and clean fresh water all help balance immunity while gently detoxifying metabolic waste to keep our sweat glands happy! 

Want to see if your deodorant contains beneficial or harmful ingredients? Plug it into the Environmental Working Group's personal and cosmetic care database, Skin Deep to check on it and all of your personal care products

Our favorites as shown above:

Bumble & Bee Pit Putty

Aesop Deodorant

Holistic Science

And for others we use and like very much, check out:

Living Libation's Poetic Pits


Lots of great ones on etsy