Meredith MAKES A Salad At Chase's Daily

For those of us that like to eat healthy, summer really is the time to shine- especially if you are raw-food inclined. With all of the amazingly fresh produce available I find it much easier to stick to a raw"ish" food diet in the summertime. It is biologically more natural, and fulfilling. As Puremama's continues to improve, we look forward to focusing on seasonality in our recipes. 


All of the discussions of summery goodness prompted me to share a glimpse of my life on the Maine seacoast. Although California has great produce year-round, Maine has some of the most amazing farms and produce in the summer. There is something about the hibernation period that allows everything to explode- seriously, EXPLODE.

One of the only restaurants in my town in Chase's Daily. The restaurant is all vegetarian and vegetable focused- no fake stuff. They have their own sustainable  farm-and in the summer, it is literally like Disneyland shopping for produce. I am so fortunate that it is right across the street from me. I walk out my door and have a plethora of amazing goods! (Plus, they use the walls as an art gallery, so every month there is something new and cool) 

One of my favorite summer recipes, and what I eat for lunch almost every day, is a simple summer salad full of fresh herbs. It is obviously very easy to make, and super healthy. Mixing different greens and herbs is great way to maximize the nutritional value, and keep things interesting.


Investing in high quality oils are key to adding integrity salad. I often do a mix of Flax and Olive Oil, but most recently I invested in a locally produced Butternut Squash Oil that is to DIE For. 

The way I do it: 

2 Large Handfuls of Fresh Mesculun - If you don't have an amazing mix available, you can make your own by mixing:

Butter Lettuce, Arugula, Endive, Radicchio, Romain, Baby Kale, Torn Basil Leaves, Mint, and Parsley

Toss the lettuce with 1 Tbsp High quality oil, fresh lemon and a few pinches of sea salt. 

Et Voila! 

The salad is delicious on its own, but I always serve it with 1/2 an Avocado and a few chopped nuts (pistachios are amazing).  On the weekends... it is perfect with a glass of chilled rose! 


-- Meredith