Looking Back...And Forward

Welcome to the new PURE mamas site. I have worked on this for a few days now and can finally say "I think I'm finished"! There are still a few bumps to iron out but I'm pretty happy with it right now. 

Needless to say, I haven't had much time to do any new posts because all my time has gone into design.

So, I decided to share some of my favorite old posts from the past 2 years. In case you are a new PURE mamas fan, you might have missed some of these fun recipes and ideas. So, here you are! Enjoy and stay tuned for something newer and fresher. {note: this is my first official post using this new blog platform, so forgive any strange flaws}.

I loved making homemade ketchup. Who wouldn't want to have this handy when making lasagna or pizza or for dipping potatoes? Maybe even on top of poached eggs or on warm pasta or raw zucchini "pasta" noodles. So healthy and fresh. Unlike the bottled versions. It's made with raw tomatoes and super healthy ingredients. 


Nothing better than chilled matte on a Summer day. Add mint and some honey!

This corn chowder is amazing and it's raw! Great for the Summer or Fall because you can eat it chilled or slightly warm. I love it inside the coconut shell. Just toss when finished - no dishes! Kids love this recipe, too. Well, not all kids, so don't hold me to that {wink}.

Kale chips are to this day still my favorite snack on the planet. They are nutritious, raw and full of flavor and crunch. If you're tired of the traditional or "cheese" flavors try my sour cream and onion flavor. You'll fall in love all over again. 

What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon! Your kids can help you make your very own homemade play dough. Seeing flour and water turn into something you can play with is a priceless activity. Plus using kitchen utensils allows the imagination to soar. Have fun!

A refreshing no-sugar recipe is this strawberry apple juice. It's easy to make and very pretty. Add a little xylitol around the rim and a pretty straw for a mock cocktail. Great for pregnant ladies wanting a refreshing beverage or a little kid who wants something extra special.

Fruit leather is so easy to make and is such a fun way to use up ripe fruit. My kids enjoy watching it go from a smoothie to a roll-up. It's very simple to make and your kids can help you, which is a great exercise for them in the kitchen. No added sugars or dyes. Just raw ripe fruit!