Immune Boosting Tomato Paste

I get really happy when I get to share Christine's recipe with everybody. She's so smart, healthy and her cooking isn't bad either {wink}! 

Today she's sharing her magical immune boosting tomato sauce recipe with us. Read below for entire recipe and photos...


There are a few secrets to a good Italian sauce with tomato paste being key in our family recipe. This time of year, Sunday sauce, as we call it is always on the table for our nice, big family dinner. Not only is a hearty sauce satisfying, but with the right tomato paste base, it’s equally as healthy!

We make ours to give an extra push to the immune system during cold and flu season. And, a little goes a long way. Only ½ to one cup is necessary and can be used in pestos, as a spread, in soups, to layer in a veggie lasagna- you can even blend a tablespoon into homemade tomato juice.

Rich in lycopene, vitamin c, allicin, lutein, beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, potassium and folate, this food therapy recipe is packed to protect your immunity! 

What You’ll Need

      4 dozen roma tomatoes (other meaty tomatoes work, romas offer my fave flavor)

      ½ cup chopped white onion

      2 bay leaves

      1 Tbsp sea salt

      2 tsp oregano

      5 Tbsp chopped basil leaves

      5 chopped cloves garlic

      organic raw honey or stevia if you like a sweeter paste (optional)

Cooking Tools

      large stock pot

      fine sieve

Putting It Together

1      Trim & wash tomatoes. Blanch and peel skin.

2      In a large stock pot combine tomatoes, herbs, onions and salt. Cook slowly for one hour. Add sweetener now if desired.

3      After an hour, gently press through sieve. Add garlic and return to cooking slowly for 2-2 ½ hours. Check frequently to prevent sticking. Adjust heat if necessary. You’ll know it’s on track if it keeps its shape on a wooden spoon.

4      Pour into glass containers and let cool.

p.s. this is a tomato paste, not a tomato sauce, so use accordingly.