Homemade Toothpaste & Halloween Juice

We are excited to share some fun things we're doing on halloween - PURE Mamas style!

1) Juli's homemade costumes.

2) Christine's homemade toothpaste!

3) Meredith's homemade October cold remedy.


I've had a fun time this year trying to use stuff from our closets to make Halloween costumes. I got creative and saved a few bucks. 

My son is OBSESSED with Superman. I saw this costume for $35 at a store up the street {and it was SUPER cheesy} so, instead of spending the money, I decided to use his favorite Superman shirt and an old suite that was worn only once by my oldest son. We did buy a pair of $4 glasses to add the final Clark Kent touches. 

As far as my costume goes, I used stuff from my closet to be a ballerina. I look more like a FAME dancer but it works. And I am going to paint on a gross cut on my face...just to make it scary.

Then off we go trick or treating...

Although Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I still can't stand all the candy that is involved. I want the boys to trick or treat but don't want them to gorge on processed sugary candy.

So, here's what we do at our house:


Sounds kind of ridiculous but my kids are just as obsessed with Hotwheels {see photo below} as they are candy. So I figure, hey, why not? And yes, they are allowed to eat a few pieces, so it's still really fun for them and they don't know any different. 

And even better, you can donate that candy instead of throwing it out. Check your neighborhood for similar non-profits or organizations {the dentists often do this or better yet, ask Grandpa}.


Now that the candy is taken care of. Let's talk TEETH.

Our very own Christine is here sharing her homemade toothpaste recipe. If you want to really get your kids interested in brushing their teeth, get them making homemade toothpaste with you! Thanks Christine ...

Real Magic Happens In The Kitchen--------->

Letting your kids pour, sift, mix and taste-test gives them confidence and inspiration to try new things in general. This easy breezy recipe is not only free of synthetic chemicals, sugar and fluoride, but properly cleans teeth, gums and prevents tooth decay!

What You’ll Need

● 1 Tbsp Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap* ● 1 Tbsp Olive Oil ● 5 Tbsp Coconut Oil ● ¼ cup baking soda ● ¼ cup vegetable glycerin (or mango butter) ● pinch or two of stevia (be sure to choose a stevia that only contains stevia leaf) ● Toothpaste vessel: my personal fave is a reusable soap dispenser

Putting The Paste Together

Use a Vitamix if you have one. First add oils and follow with the baking soda, soap and glycerin. No Vitamix? No problem; a standard blender works just fine. Choose the settings: mix, blend and whip.

You might be able to get away with a hand blender, but if you choose this method be sure your bowl or mixing vessel is deep enough to prevent kitchen splatter!

*You can use Dr. Bronner’s Plain Baby Soap and add your own essential oils to “flavor” the toothpaste. Kids generally like oil of cinnamon, orange and clove if they have sore gums from teething or periodontal work. You can always add the oils later. Generally you want to add approximately 10-20 drops to start. You can work up to 20-30 drops when you make a full batch of toothpaste.

Helpful Hint

Be sure that little ones new to teeth brushing understand that toothpaste gets spit out after brushing or, drop the essential oil content to five to ten drops if you think some might get swallowed!

Happy brushing!


And Meredith is here to talk COLD SEASON! Her scary orange elixir is perfect for this October holiday. Here's what Meredith has to say about it---------------------->

I've felt like I was coming down with a cold for the last few days. Fortunately I have the tools to usually prevent it from getting very bad. 


Here was yesterdays concoction. I have literally felt better ever since I had this! 

2 Large Carrots 

1 Grapefruit (lightly peeled)

1 1/2 Lemons 

1 Lime 

2 inch Chunk of Ginger 

1/2 Jalapeno 

Pinch of Cayenne

Juice all ingredients. 

Makes 1 really BIG juice.

Good luck and hope it does the TRICK {bahahaha}!