Holiday Giveaway :: Day 2 :: CLOSED

Today marks Day 2 of our PUREmamas holiday giveaways. BinkyPop is a new fresh brand bringing your Instagram photos to life. Not only are we giving away some of these cool shirts but we also have an exclusive interview of the mom herself, Molly Park, who started this unique concept. 


Q: Molly, tell us about yourself a bit and your company. I hear you're a mommy as well. That's so fun. How has that changed your life and your work?

Yes, life has become very fun since our little bug joined us 15 months ago! I have a background in marketing, and have spent the last 8 years working on the digital side of the business at several ad agencies in Los Angeles. My husband and I met working together at an agency in Santa Monica. We both share a creative streak and a love for technology. We've collaborated on several ideas for entrepreneurial projects in the past, but it wasn't until our daughter came along that we had the drive to launch Binkypop. Our daughter inspires us to be creative and passionate about life, and now about being parentpreneurs!

Q: Tell us more about BinkyPop and what you're giving away today. 

At Binkypop we customize one-of-a-kind, quality children's onesies and t-shirts with your favorite social photography. You can easily design your own products right on our site. We've just launched with an Instagram uploader (to design with your Instagram photos) and a image file uploader (to design with files from your computer). We have plans to integrate Facebook in the near future, since we all share so many of our photo captures on Facebook these days. Binkypop is a social way to let your little ones wear the share, and bring your images to life. We live in Downtown LA and are happy to say that all of our products are manufactured, printed and shipped locally. 

You can see more of our stuff via instagram as well.

Q: Do you have any fun favorite baby food recipes or staples you'd like to share?

We are fortunate to have a really good eater, and I like to think it's from all the yummy foods I ate while pregnant with her. ^_^ She loves exploring textures and flavors, but we've being going through some bouts of teething in the last 4 months where she only wants her staples. We always have steamed zucchini and watermelon cubes in the fridge, which are her favorite teething foods. I often roast butternut squash and sweet potatoes and use either curry or cinnamon to spice them up a little. I also like to make apple or pear sauce and introduce other flavors like cranberries and ginger. We'll add this on top of her yogurt or waffles for a yummy breakfast. She loves little roasted nori wraps and her dad is looking forward to the day he introduces her to kimchi! She's transitioning to eating more and more of what we're eating for dinner, which inspires us to be creative in the kitchen.

Q: Any healthy holiday traditions unique to your family?

I love our family gatherings around the holidays because the foods always have some Korean influence from my husband's side of the family. While our holiday menus often change, you'll be sure to find kimchi, banchan (Korean side dishes) and chili sauce very close by. The fermented kimchi is a great probiotic, which helps re-balance our holiday digestive systems. The potent combination of cabbage, peppers, and garlic has a lot of cleansing properties as well. After 8 years of living with kimchi in my fridge, I can finally say that I could eat kimchi with just about anything!

--------------------------------------THANKS MOLLY, CONTEST IS CLOSED-----------------------------------


SHAWNIE WATT of Encinitas, CA

For anybody who didn't win, you can stil use the code PUREMAMAS on the BinkyPop web site and save 15% off any order. Discount code ends Dec 31st 2012.