Giveaways :: Day 10 :: Hello There Design

We are giving away 2 pieces of art today. One of which I have helped collaborate on, and I'm excited about its debute here today.


I've joined forces with Chloe Marty of Hello There Design to create this sweet poster {above on the left}. We've created this particular design as a little reminder to all of us parents {or anybody for that matter}, to 

  • LOVE our children with kindness. 
  • Be calm and gentle, even when times are hard. 
  • Give hugs and kisses when we really just want to give time outs. 
  • Apologize when we are wrong. 
  • Show children how to be calm, gentle and kind by being those things.

I can say from experience that being a mom is harder than any job we will ever have. It requires more patience than our teenage years combined. We worry, we stress and we have moments of complete chaos that require us to stay calm and be leaders. 

Even when we want to fold under pressure or give up and QUIT. We can't. Even when we want to cry and crawl in a closet and just lock the door. 


There is no other job like being a mother - full of often impossible tasks. 

But, we are committed to this parenting thing because of LOVE

I will never forget a wonderful yoga class I took a few months ago. The final words of the hour stuck with me: "may the rest of your day be peaceful and calm!" I left thinking YEAH RIGHT! Because after any workout I go home to 2 wild boys and the last thing I am is calm.

But I decided it was time for me to try and be calm. Instead of my usual go-go, hurry hurry, rush rush, scream yell, bribe, coerce  etc. I chose to be extra sweet, give lots of hugs, be playful, happy, smiling, and gentle with a calm voice and peaceful attitude. Even when the S**!t hit the fan, I still kept my composure. Even when I was being screamed at while talking on important phone calls, I remained sweet. 

My youngest is a little love bug. And whenever he does things he's not supposed to do or is throwing a tantrum I tend to get upset. He always cries even more after that and says "be happy mom. I just want you to be happy!"

And then my heart melts. We hug it out and we say sorry. And then I realize that all my kids {all kids} really want is for their parents to be in good moods, to listen to them, play with them and give lots of hugs and kisses.

Things are so much better at my house when I am peaceful. When I stick to it, ask things nicely, say please, thank you, sorry.and all with a smile, I notice the respect I give cames right back. 

When I treat my littles ones the way I like to be treated, I notice they are MUCH kinder, calmer, happy, peaceful, spirited and can concentrate better. They act less tired, mischievous, crabby and cranky. 

It doesn't happen overnight. And it doesn't happen everyday or as often as I'd like. But the best part about kids is they forgive. So quickly. Most of the time I do lose my cool and I do yell and I do feel like a total failure {that's part of being a parent and our life lessons}. But when I dig deep and remember my youngest sons cry for my happiness or I look at that artwork on the wall - I am reminded to start over and find that patience, that calmness - it's in there.

We will be selling them as well on her etsy shop if you want to give one as a gift or frame one of your own. You can purchase one at any time. 


And then, shown above, is Chloe's REMEMBER THE DAY art. This poster captures a special moment in your life through a piece of artwork. Here is how Chloe describes it:

Your wedding day. Your daughter's birth. The day your son took his first steps, said his first word, started kindergarten. The most important moments of your life deserve to be remembered in a special way. I create unique artwork that's worthy of your most treasured memories. My *REMEMBER the day* artwork commemorates your occasions by combining colors and type of important dates and words, all on a gallery-wrapped canvas or fine art print background. Hang it in your living room, your child's room, your office - anywhere you can see it and smile. 

My love of design, and specifically typography led me to create my *REMEMBER the days* as a way to remember special events. I love creating these pieces for my customers; each one is unique and special telling a one-of-a-kind story about a day to be remembered.


You can get 25% off either of these items listed above by using the PUREMAMAS discount code upon checkout at both Chloe's shops:  REMEMBER THE DAY and/or her ETSY shop. These both are GREAT gift ideas. COUPON EXPIRES Dec 24th, 2012