Bleach Blonde!

Who said blondes have more fun? Rob Stewart? Yep. Maybe they do...I'll subscribe to that theory anyways. 

In the case of peaches, the blonde (ok, white) ones are DEFINITELY more fun. I love white peaches. They are slightly sweeter, crunchier and I personally think, much tastier (and less messy)! 


Enough on that. 

Summer is the perfect time to savor all of the delicious stone fruit there is to offer. You really can't go wrong. Pick a peach. Pick a nectarine. Pick a plum. Yum! This time of year they are at their peak. Stone fruit is full of antioxidants Vit A and C. Peaches also soothing to digestion and stomach ulcers. Peachy Perks. 

What better way to use these delicious fruits than in a smoothie. When the Blonde Beaming Protein Blend came to my door I knew that it would be perfect with the white peach. The protein blend is perfectly balanced with lots of cinnamon and vanilla so the flavor is perfect with the combination of coconut. So good! 

How to make this delicious concoction- 

1 Young Coconut (meat and water) 

1 White Peaches

2 Large Scoops of Blonde Beaming Protein Blend 

For a hot day add a few scoops of ice 

Blend until smooth! 

Serve {with a straw is preferable}.