Beat That Cold & Enjoy Some Down Time


It happens to me mostly in the Summer months for me and it happens to best the of us MAMAS -- sick days are just no fun. But why not make them fun? When you're run down your immune system tires and well, you get sick. So I like to think of my sick days as my body's way of telling me to go ahead and pamper up! 

Sick Day Recipe


1) green juice - lots of vitamins and hydration

2) 2 poached eggs - good healthy fat and protein

3) tea with honey - honey helps coat the throat and herbal teas are soothing

4) lots and lots of water with lemon and cucumber - getting enough water is crucial

5) steam shower or steam room - a little sweat helps rid that bug

6) eucalyptus oil - helps you breath better. put water + oil in a bottle and spray while in steam or shower

7) follow up with a cold shower - gets your blood flowing and help clear your brain of the fog

8) maybe end the day with a good bowl of miso soup - lots of vitamins in there

Good luck! And enjoy your down time! Why not?

image credit for green juice