Quick, Easy, Fresh & Healthy Snack Idea

I have been asked quite a few times about what to eat as a healthy snack: Something quick, but not out of a box or a bag is what I always suggest. But, I know, that isn't very descriptive. 

So today I have a little recipe that takes no time at all. As long as you have the ingredients, which are in season as we speak, you can do it in a hurry. 

It's a snack, so it's not filling, but it's high in nutrients enzymes and enough calories to keep you energized. Doesn't taste healthy, in season, raw and vegan. But it sure is.

Snack Recipe

1 avocado
1 handful sprouts
sea salt & pepper, to taste
heirloom tomato, cut into a 1/4 slice

In a bowl combine avocado, sea salt and pepper. Mash up into a quacamole type texture. Then, top with sprouts. Layer tomato slices on a plate, add avocado mixture and enjoy!

I told you! Super easy and delish. Happy Friday!