{vegan} Homemade Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Today was a pretty standard day at our house. Nothing major. Just a foggy morning, with a few peeks of sunshine. A bit humid {I swear, I was sweating all day} and hot in our house. I cleaned all day long. It was one of those days when I just NEEDED to be a homemaker. Unfolded laundry, dirty laundry, sheets needed changing, dirty dishes, floor had to be swept, shower doors had films; yeah and it's only been a week since my last big cleaning. {life with kids!!!}

The park was visited. The baby sitter was here for a few hours. Friends {with kids} came over for happy hour. New toys were openned. Yeah...that's not a standard thing but my son's 4th birthday is creeping up on us and I let him open an early gift. That ALWAYS keeps them occupied for at least one evening. 

But while the boys were taking their naps I decided to make a quick batch of homemade ice cream. I felt like it would be a great surprise to our otherwise kinda of monotonous day? 

And boy was it a hit. Not only was it easy, healty and super yummy, but it was popular amongst all the kiddos here at around 5pm. I mean, it is filled with chocolate chips afterall, so who cares that it's made from a healthy coconut milk base.

I was a bit nervous that it wouldn't go over well. But all I can say is...it's all gone! {score!!}

Have a lovely Wednesday and I hope I have at least inspired you to add at least a little bit of surprise to your otherwise pretty standard day! {wink} We all need that sometimes.

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe

4c coconut milk {full fat kind}
1/2-3/4c sweetener {raw honey or agave nectar}
1 Tbls  vanilla {you can use less but I like it pretty intense}
1/2c non-dairy chocolate chips {chopped in blender until pretty small}
2 heaping Tbls organic coconut oil {optional}

In a blender blend everything except chocolate chips. Transer to your ice cream maker bowl. Run for 10 minutes then add the chocolate chips. Then keep running for another 20-25 minutes. 

Voila! Ice cream is made!