Hydration Week & Brussel Sprout Chop

It's been a great week of serious hydration. I am happy to say that my skin looks much cleaner and my uneven and brighter. My skin definitely shines a bit more and dehydration wrinkles are minimal.

The best part of this week was the unexpected surprise - my dark spots {pigmentation} got a lot lighter. I wasn't planning on this happening, so I was very excited. 

This is my final post about it and I wanted share the details of the process because it was a really fun journey. I didn't "detox" per se or even juice "cleanse", but rather I focused on consuming less caffeine, sea salt, packaged foods and dairy and more fresh raw fruits, veggies, lots of water and green drinks without fully removing everything from my diet cold turkey. 

Here is a daily journal, in case you want to try something similar {if you do try something similar, please send me your feelings on it and if you noticed a difference.} No meat. I don't eat meat, so if you normally eat meat, you can add some fresh fish. Wes eats meat but he did a whole week of no meat. Try it. It can be fun for a change. 

Day 1

water + lemon
green juice x 2
ran 30 minutes outside 
more water + lemon

1 whole avocado {ate with a spoon} 

sprouted tofu {uncooked}
brown rice 
little miso mayo 
no added sea salt

fresh young coconut
water + lemon x 2

kale salad
steamed artichoke {vegan dipping sauce}

water in the night

DAY 2 

little coffee {kids woke up at 5am}
lemon water 

pear, parsley, yellow beet, ginger cucumber juice

1 egg lightly boiled 
3/4 avocado
tiny tiny bit sea salt {man, i have a hard time w/o this}

lemon water
watermelon juice

raw collard wrap from PEACE PIES
1 dehydrated cookie

castor oil + steam room + whole body exfoliating brush + cold shower rinse

argan oil on face

HUGE kale, butter lettuce sprouted seed and nut salad
glass of wine
lemon water


Day 3

ice water with lemon
green drink {frozen fruit, greens, stevia, citrus, ginger}

1/2 avocado
cucumber sliced

lemon water + cucumber
gym work out - 30 minutes
lemon water + cucumber

shower + steam room {oiled up my face and body} with hydrating hair mask
more lemon water + cucumber {while in the steam room}
ice cold cold shower

vegetarian sushi roll
kale chips

fruit + handful of sprouted walnuts 
fresh homemade almonk milk
raw brussel sprout chop topped with olive oil + toasted hazel nuts + peccorino

lemon water before bed

used the clarisonic on my face, covered it in argan oil


---------------------------------- My Green Drink ----------------------------------

Hydrating Green Smoothie Recipe

1c frozen fruit {I did a mix of mango, pineapple & butternut squash}
1/2 cucumber
1" piece of fresh ginger
handful of parsley
handful of kale
1/2 lemon, peeled
1 lime, peeled
1 orange, peeled
1 tsp honey
1 dropper stevia
1/2c - 1c liquid {coconut water or water or almond milk or grapefruit juice}

Blend all of the above in a Vitamix or high speed blender until smooth. Use the least amount of liquid and add more if needed.

-----------------------------------My Brussel Sprout Chop Salad---------------------------------

Brussel Sprout Chop

12 raw brussel sprouts or 1 bag Trader Joes shredded brussel sprouts
2 handfuls chopped hazelnuts, toasted
1/8c olive oil {or barely coated brussel sprouts}
1/2 lemon, juiced
1/4c peccorino cheese, or to taste
sea salt & pepper, to taste

Chop or slice brussel sprouts, very thin. Mix in the olive oil and sea salt. Add lemon and peccorino. Toss and let sit about an hour. Add hazelnuts when ready to serve. It's so tasty. 

I created this salad after having something similar out on date night at a restaurant nearby. It was an italian restaurant. This dish is very Italian. If you don't like cheese, you might not like this salad. But it can be made vegan by adding avocado and more nuts or sprouted seeds! A different taste but all together still amazing. 


p.s. my mom made this and used it as a side dish for her lemon talapia fish. she said it paired up really well!