My Fennel Corn Salad

It's that time again! Summer fruits and veggies are coming into season and I'm overwhelmed with excitement. 

One of my favorites, next to watermelon, is fennel. It is so fun to add fennel to all sorts of salads and dishes. 

This time, I'm sharing one of my all time favorite creations. It does have cheese, so it's not vegan friendly. You can leave the cheese out, but you will lose the sour taste, which makes this salad super unique. 

It's fresh, organic, clean and extremely full of flavor. Perfect if you're having company or barbequing outside. The jalapeno is the key ingredient here, so do NOT leave it out!

I also like to add toasted sesame seeds or hazel nuts crushed up on the top. You can top with green onion as well. Or just leave it as is. Adding wild arugula or another green herb makes the salad really PRETTY! Have fun. 

Enjoy and have an amazing weekend.

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{photo credit: feta cheese from saveur magazine}