Meredith Talks Giveaways & Matthew Kenney's Spring Menu

Ok... so one of the MAJOR perks of my job is getting to eat amazingly delicious, innovative, raw vegan food. I know right? SO SOOOO hard. All that WORK! (Right?) 

In truth, that doesn't happen as often as I'd like! I end up preparing most of our meals myself (even though they are still healthy and delicious). So I always look forward to going to our restaurant and culinary school Matthew Kenney in OKC. Students come from all over the world (literally) to learn this type of cuisine. What comes out of that kitchen is none short of truly amazing. I never leave without being BEYOND inspired. 

The students make great food, and so does the kitchen! We change the menu every season. Fortunately this season change was on the cusp of hiring our new (amazingly talented) corporate Chef Scott Winegard. He is from Brooklyn, NY and has worked with Matthew in various capacities - including  Pure Food and Wine. Scott is in OKC to help execute the new  spring menu and he brought his passion for vegetables with him.

While in OKC I spent a week testing (tasting) every dish so I thought that I would supply you with some food porn {wink}! note: all of the photos are of RAW VEGAN dishes. Amazing, right?

Dessert often comes first in the raw food kitchen. If you have never experienced a raw food dessert, be prepared to be truly amazed. In our kitchen right now we have the lovely pastry fairy Tatiana Jankowski. This round of desserts was unbelievable.

I'm not biased. I truly can't say enough good things about all of the excitement that comes out of that kitchen in OKC. If you are passionate about health and beautiful food, please stay in touch! 

Check out all of the new dishes on our website

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And guess what, I've decided to give away the Matthew Kenney iPad app as well as a copy of our new book, Raw Chocolate!


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