Product Review & Snacks For The Whole Family

So, usually when the boys dad is out of town, I go to the grocery store and get lots of fresh produce and things to make smoothies and dips and healthy meals. I get creative and think of fun crafts and adventures. But, it's been so many weeks that he has been out of town and there has been so much going on {work meetings and moving} that I have barely had time to eat, let alone grocery shop. {Let alone SLEEP. Today is my second morning waking up at 5}.  

So my poor kids have been sort of lacking in the healthy home cooked/dehydrated meal department! But all things considered this week has gone pretty darn well!

Here are a few fun things I have discovered in my pantry/fridge along the way. And I just had to share that I was happily surprised at the outcome! TASTY TASTY STUFF I must admit. Not exactly raw food or even safe for the paleo diets, but a lot better than ordering out!

This Maya Kaimal curry sauce is seriously the BEST ever. It's not exactly health food but then again, minus the fact that it's not organic, it's not all that bad; made from coconut milk and healthy fats. I was sort of hesitant to try it because I had been disappointed by a few jarred indian sauces in the past. I definitely had no expectations and so I was stoked when it turned out amazing. 

I put it with brown rice but you could use quinoa or even tofu or vegetables or whatever you'd like. I lightly poached and egg and threw kale chips with it. That's IT. And my kids LOVED it too. 

We were all out of breakfast foods and smoothie ingredients {so sad} so I opened up a box of this quinoa rice & shine we had in the cupboard! It was great and my kids love it. It's fairly easy to make, organic and gluten-free, which is a nice bonus. {wink}

My kids liked it topped with olive and coconut oil and coconut nectar. If you have fresh or frozen berries that would be great too. 

Last but definitely not least, I've talked about this Danielle brand before because their stuff is great for kids. But I've never tried the coconut chips. The boys dad is really into them and well, I can see why!!! They are crunchy and almost taste buttery! 

I would highly recommend them even though they are usually harder to find than the other flavors. You might want to special order them. I'm so glad Wes had ordered two cases of them before he left! My kids freaked over them too! 

Happy weekend! Now, get out and enjoy the day!