Busy Weeks & Happy Notes!

I'm not sure if I have told everybody yet but we're MOVING! It's been a long time coming and I couldn't be more thrilled on so many levels. But as anybody who has ever moved knows, it's the hardest thing too {selling the house, fixing stuff, keeping it clean...then packing, moving, and building}. We are redoing a house up the street and as fun it is to be creative with a tight budget, it's also so stressful to not only stay within the budget, but to make final decisions that you can't go back on. I'm horrible at making decisions.  

I mean, the house is gutted, so the canvas is bare! I am excited to show you guys the final house in a few months. There are a few things we are going to wait on but for the most part, it will our style from the ground up. That's pretty darn exciting. I know!!!!!!!! We're moving because our current house doesn't have a yard, just decks and with two crazy kids, it just doesn't work {I know, I know....waaaaaaaaaa...boo hoo, right? life could be way worse, I know that, I should just shut my mouth...but it's all relative, so ANYWAYS...}. 

Like I said, it's adding more to my plate than I can handle. I find myself forgetting about my blog and I'm not even sure what we've all eaten these past few weeks. Not to mention Wes {kids dad} has been in and out of town for the past 3 weeks and we've had a lot of company as well. That usually means lots of snacks, quick meals and/or eating out. More than we should. Blah Blah. 

So, just when I was at my witts end thought I couldn't handle everything, I got this sweet email from a lady named Nona. It's not that it was so sweet, per se, it was just a wonderful reminder to stay strong and get motivated again. It's times like this that I need lots of motivation to get stuff done and keep my chin up and not run out of steam! Because it will all be worth it in the end! 

TWO great reminders for everybody today: don't forget to accomplish even the smallest things that you have been wanting! GET MOTIVATED!!! No more excuses. And don't forget to tell somebody your positive thoughts and feelings. It just might make their difficult week a much better one. 

Thank YOU Nona!