Valentine's Day Breakfast for HIM {pesto eggs on sourdough}


So, it's the battle of the sexes at our house this week. I had Wes make his dream breakfast this morning. You know, the perfect romantic breakfast in bed: Green Eggs and Ham {hold the ham}?

Wes certainly isn't a chef by any means. {Sorry Wes!} But he just recently learned to fry and poach eggs. He has come a long way though since baby #1, let me tell you. Let's just say my lavish dinner would have been garlic bread and by garlic bread I mean whole wheat toast topped with butter and garlic powder. YES. That was the first meal he ever made for me. Don't get me wrong, he definitely knows how to eat. He loves nice restaurants and used to come to my house with bags full of the BEST premade food when we were dating. 

So his "heart" is there on this holiday. Just not the skills. He just doesn't know how to use a cook book, let alone a pan or a dehydrator {wink}. 

Anyways, so, as you can imagine it was a total shock when I walked into the kitchen this morning to see him reading Mens Journal, with a spatula in his hand, the vegan pesto out on the counter and a HUGE baguette ready to be sliced. 

The best part of it all is that he made the Men's Journal recipe his own. He didn't follow it to a T, he just made his own version. That is a true artist right there. 

So, if you're looking for the perfect breakfast to serve your partner this holiday, look no further than Wes' amazing Pesto Eggs on Sourdough!RECIPE

4 slices sourdough bread or english muffin
4 poached eggs
1/4c vegan pesto {or any pesto}
1/4c greek yogurt
4 slices cheese {optional}
4 handfuls arugula
sea salt

To poach eggs, boil water for poached eggs. Drop eggs into boiling water. Let go until whites are solid and yolk is still semi-soft. 

Meanwhile toast the sourdough bread. While it's toasting mix pesto and greek yogurt. 

When toast is ready {you can butter it or add olive oil or add nothing} lay the slice of cheese on top. Then layer on the eggs, yogurt pesto sauce and finally, the arugula. Top with salt and pepper to taste. 

Very easy. Very delish!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post: V Day Dinner Ideas For HER

Thanks Wes & GREAT work.