Organic Spa Day At Home :: Part I

Before kids I worked my butt off...doing too many projects. Working too many hours. So, I was often stressed. Worried. Pressed for time. Running behind schedule. You know, all of those things. 

And I'm not the only one. We all forget to treat ourselves well and stay calm. Even if you do take time out for girls night or cocktails, or even hard workouts, you still are pressed for time, talking, getting worked up, stimulating your brain, getting dehydrated, you ALL know what I'm talking about. 

Sometimes our "breaks" aren't really breaks!

Now that I'm a mom, it's even more hectic. I never thought in my life that I could possibly be busier, more scattered, forgetful, pressed for time, and worried. But it WAS possible. If I could actually find time to workout everyday I'd be STOKED. Let alone have regular cocktail hour or girls nights. That freedom I had in my early 20s is priceless. That's one thing I probably won't get back until my kids are all grown up. Right? WOW.

Anyways, it's even more crucial now, as moms, that we ask our husbands, a neighbor, a relative or even a sitter to watch your kids for an hour. Just ONE hour. That's all. Every now and then. Don't work out. Don't have cocktails. Just relax in a hot shower {better yet a sauna} or hot bath and treat yourself to total quiet relaxation. 

It will be that one taste of freedom and better yet, rejuvenation: Defog the brain, brighten our skin and calm our minds.

Now, let's get started:


1 hour of alone time
1 hot tub full of eucalyptus oil OR
1 hot shower & a spray bottle filled with eucalyptus oil and water
1 face mask of your choice or MAKE mine {recipe below}
2 face clothes
1 organic cucumber, slices 
2c ice
16 ounces cold water
1 organic lemon, slices
2 sprigs rosemary


3 Tbls papaya 
1 Tbls papaya seeds
1 Tbls apricot kernal butter OR apricot kernals 
1 Tbls raw local honey
1 Tbls probiotics 
2 vitamin c capsules, broken open

Blend all of the above in a blender until fairly smooth. 

Scrub on face and massage. Rinse well after 10 minutes in a hot bath or shower.


In a large bowl combine 1.5 cup of ice and 8 ounces of water. Soak wash clothes in this bowl for 30 minutes.


Soak rosemary sprigs in 8 ounces purified water for 30 minutes. Then add cucumber and lemon slices. Mash a bit with a spoon or straw to get oils out. 

Drink throughout the hour. 


+ Run a hot bath if you decide you want to take a bath. Add eucalyptus oil and/or bath salts of your choice. If you want to take a hot shower, then put some eucalyptus oil in a spray bottle with water. Spray it throughout your time in the shower to help clear out your nose and chest. 

+ Use face mask of your choice and rub it all over your clean skin. 

+ Hopefully your water is already made and wash clothes soaking. 

+ While in the shower or bath, keep mask on for 10 minutes. Put cucumber slices over your eyes. 

+ Wash off the mask and use one of your wash cold cucumber cloths. 

+ Then, after you're finished in the bath or shower, take a cold shower. This is key to feeling AMAZING after your hot shower/bath. It helps awaken your mind and body because it helps get your blood circulating. 

+ Wipe your face one more time with a cold cucumber face cloth before applying makeup or getting dressed. 

+ Hopefully you've drank all of your rosemary water by now as well. 

+ OPTIONAL: If you're feeling like it, have a green drink on hand to have after you get dressed and before your kids get home. {wink}