Cabbage Avo Tacos & My Mom

My mom calls me all of the time telling me about her favorite lunch. And sometimes she has a small fit when she runs out of sprouted corn tortillas. I swear I hear about this lunch of hers at least once a week. 

A few months back, she and I worked hard to perfect my red cabbage arame salad! It's a genius recipe - tangy, earthy, nutty {no nuts} tasting with an asian flair. 

It's perfect by itself but my mom was claiming that if you add avocado, a warmed corn tortilla, sprouts and arugula, it becomes a fantastic lunch. 

So, I had to take a quick break on Saturday to visit for a quick hot tub session and lunch with my mom. 

I do have to say, it was hard to only have one taco! Thanks Mom! And also, thanks for the wonderful quinoa we devoured while watching the Oscars.


{I posted this photo on facebook and because everybody asked, I'm sharing my mom's directions with you}

1 cup quina {with all the ingredients} serves 4

Prepare the quinoa according to directions on the package.

You can put any veggies in the quinoa that you like!

I used the following:

raw, white corn on the cob
add red bell pepper if you like it.
{I have added lightly steamed asparagus tips in the past}
homemade sun dried tomatoes
Dressing is just lemon juice and olive oil..the amount depends on how much you have added in the salad.  
Salt to taste.