How Sweet It Is

Cravings. Especially comfort foods cravings. They intrigue me. And most often, DECEIVE me. 

I don't often get REALLY hungry. I don't do rigorous workouts for the most part, so my hunger is steady. But lately, I've been playing tennis {boy am I competitive} and routinely deep cleaning my house.

And when I'm extremely hungry I crave big meals. Since I haven't eaten meat in quite a long time I don't crave that. But home cooked pasta or a big cheese sandwich. Something that, in my mind, sounds like it will do the job. 

But when/if I ever do give into those cravings I find myself feeling bloated, full and just not very good. 

One of the hardest things about going raw vegan or just eating less junk or meat or starch or fried foods is the intense CRAVING for these so called comfort foods. In the beginning these cravings are actually psychological. Meaning, you're associating a feeling of being satiated with these foods. This is especially common for those who consistently haven't eaten much healthy food.

Another obstical, again psychological, is the need for meat or cheese for added "protein". You really don't need to add these animal products for protein or for flavor. 

So, next time you're STARVING -- as hard as this is going to be -- fill and entire bowl with ORGANIC greens. Kale would be a great one. I did wild arugula with red butter lettuce. Top this with olive oil, sea salt and all the goodies mentioned below. 

If you aren't feeling "full" enough, make a second salad or add more greens and nuts. 

Believe me, you'll not only be completely satisfied but you won't be bloated, overly full, with a really bad taste in your mouth and guilt on your conscience. You'll feel clean, alive, and ready to be active again. 

Oh, how SWEET and SIMPLE life can be!


3-4c chopped organic greens
4 Tbls sunflower seeds
10 raw walnuts
1/4c raisins
2-3 Tbls olive oil
pinch sea salt
handful kale chip crumbs {if you ever buy or make kale chips, SAVE the crumbs in a bag in the fridge}

Toss salad in large bowl.