Matthew Kenney's & Meredith Baird :: RAW Chocolate

Remember all the oohing and awing I did awhile back over Matthew Kenney's new book? Well, he's at it again!

And all I can say is that this is some serious "eye" candy. Not only are the recipes creative, sweet and gourmet but the pictures are out of this world. 

And not to mention the obvious, but Meredith and Matthew both, are just as pleasing to look at! These two extremely cool people have put togther one gorgeous book and it is coming to stores very soon. 

For now, I'm excited to share with you this sneak peek: two of their brilliant recipes and photos {all taken by the lovely Adrian Mueller}

If you LOVE what you see. You really should pre-order the book, Raw Chocolate, from Amazon. Launch date is sometime in February. To sign up, click here!