Fresh Carrot Clementine Sorbet

I had to juice carrots the other day because I'm making a raw vegan pizza this week and it requires carrot pulp. So, what better use of the juice than making it into sorbet. I also juiced my massive pile of clementines {in season right now}. With the help from a little agave and an ice cream maker, voila, we have sorbet! 

This is a great recipe for pregnant women who are craving late night sweet stuff. The carrot juice is very "earthy" so it does have that healthy flavor. Play around with the sweetness and sweetners as well. It might not be sweet enough for your palet, so add more if you need to. Taste the liquid and remember that freezing things make it taste less sweet. So, add a bit extra if you find the liquid to be perfect.


12oz fresh juiced carrots

12oz fresh squeeze orange juice

1/4 - 1/2c agave nectar + 2 Tbls {or to taste}

1Tbls ginger powder or juice {optional}

1Tbls lemon juice 

2 tsp orange zest {optional}

Put all of the ingredients in a vitamix or high speed blender and blend on medium until mixed well. Feel free to get creative, you don't have to use ginger, that's only for spice and gourmet flavor. Kids don't always like it, so it's optional. 

Pour liquid into ice cream maker and follow instructions for sorbet!