Tahini Dressing & Complete Breakfast

Because a dear friend asked me for it, I've created a very tasty tahini dressing yesterday! It's creamy, hearty, raw vegan and delish!


1/2 c olive oil

4 Tbls nama shoyu {or soy sauce or tamari}

3 Tbls raw tahini

4 cloves garlic

2 lemons, juiced/squeezed

Put all ingredients into your high speed blender and mix on high until completely smooth without any chunks. Should be a pale yellow color. 

Try it over wild arugula.

My boys quite regularly eat organic oats for breakfast. So I take the opportunity to add some extra nutrients as well as local honey for sweetness. Of course you can add raisins or dates but my favorite is hemp seeds. I get the organic whole hemp seeds and pour about 2 Tablespoons on it. Sometimes I add a probiotic or a flax/omega type of an oil for creaminess. 

If your kids are like mine and don't often like whole berries, try blending berries with the oil and honey and pour that over it for extra antioxidants and fruit intake. 

I also try and get them to drink their greens as well. Instead of just a glass of milk for breakfast, I add frozen banana, protein powder and a huge handful of red butter lettuce or romaine. If blended well, you can't even see or taste any greens. My kids ask for it daily.

Oh and if you want to go an even extra healthy step, check out this recipe {a really cute blog} idea for warm sprouted buckwheat cereal {grain free and raw vegan} in place of oats. 

Anyways, cheers to a relaxing healthy weekend.