Bergamot Spa...aahhhhhh

All I gotta say is this place has been my savior for the past couple years. It's right up the street from my house and wow, their pedicures are amazing. And WOW the property is BEAUTIFUL. It's so zen-like and modern. 

It's called Bergamot and the owner literally takes trips to Bali a few times a year to buy the decor and furniture. 

I go here when I need a "getaway" or a good sauna. It's a splurge so I only do it every so often. But, it so worth it. 

I mainly use the Infrared Sauna - it's like a serious SWEAT box - and I like to do 30 minute meditations in there. 

The pedicure room is great and they have this wonderful green coconut tea that I get every time while being pampered. 

It's like a mini oasis. For sure. 

If you live in the San Diego area, you gotta check it out. They like throwing baby showers, wedding parties, etc. and there and have yoga a few days a week.