CLEAN Food :: Chef Perkunas Delivers

After my l.o.n.g. cook food week {family in town, hosting, friends, etc.}, I followed up with a week of less cooked foods, no wine, gluten or dairy! I focused mainly on organic raw foods. Plus, I got a week of NOBODY but ME and MY BOYS! Phew. It's been nice. 

I loaded up on my fav raw sprouted hummus, young coconuts, sprouted mana breads, avocados and green juices {had them made for me at local health food store because I've been so busy}. 

Then, thanks to CHEF PERKUNAS from Veggie Vibes {remember him?} deliveries I was able to easily keep up with this CLEAN food week/detox. I have been so busy and with the boys' dad out of town, I decided to just ORDER my food. 

My kids and I have been loving being home alone together, doing such fun stuff. Shutting off the TV. Attending relaxing BBQs. Having fun beach days. Buying a few new toys and books at Target. Building Legos {a three day project}. Sleeping together. All that fun mommy-son stuff. 

Anyways, thought I'd share some of my raw food delivery with you all. 

No recipes. Sort of a WORDLESS Wednesday kinda post. Enjoy!