Meet Chef Perkunas

I just love introducing everybody to fellow Raw Food Chefs. This time, it's a guy! And he's also local to my community. 

I was so thrilled to received a message from him saying how much he loves kookie karma and all we are doing. Simultaneously, I was being told about Veggie Vibes and his wonderful creations. {cool how that works} You have to try his gourmet, vegan, raw food. And lucky for you guys, he has his very own delivery service that is available to all of us in the U.S. If you are new to vegan raw food and want to try it out, this is your opportunity.

Chef Perkunas Quick Bio

Born to unite, Perkunas was surfed in Lima-Peru. He grew up in a family where traditionally men were passionate cooks, learning and creating complex dishes and elixirs at an early age and developing a natural sense for balancing flavors and textures. 

Perkunas culinary background was enriched with the incredible variety of products in his country of birth. Peru is well known for culinary exploration, where a mix of Inca, Spanish, Chinese, European, African and Japanese gastronomic contributions has transformed Lima into a paradise for food lovers. Furthermore, the biodiversity in Peru is one of the biggest on planet Earth, no wonder why has been considered as the super foods capital of the world. Peru is a mystical and abundant land, and it has the perfect quality soil to cultivate a chef-alchemist.

“The sunsets are breath taking here, but even if I moved a few thousands miles away, I still in the same place, this world which I adore” one of Perkunas first thoughts when arriving in 2000 to South California. “The sense of belonging to a universe, the sense of openness, helps enormously at the time to focus our gaze to any creative aspect” 

He discovered gourmet raw foods in 2005, which enriched and fascinated his culinary vision. Working in several raw food restaurants like Good Mood Foods, Cilantro Live, Ranchos and Google headquarters, gave the chef more ideas to play around. The result was creating Veggie Vibes in 2007, offering an artistic and unique organic-vegan-raw weekly delivery service in San Diego County. Since then, the chef had a lot of fun creating hundreds of different raw, vegan and fusion menus, has satisfy a large variety “fun-foodies” who can give testimony about the quality and uniqueness of his cuisine.

As Veggie Vibes’ slogan says, “It’s all about the Vibes”, chef Perkunas feels his way through life and he has no other way to cook than intuitively guided and his opinion about foods is, “love the unlimited variety that this planet has to offer, no restrictions, love and appreciate it, just for the fun of it”!

Chef Perkunas FAVORITE dish at the moment:

+ His pizzas!

Chef P says, "We have pizza in our menu every 2 weeks pretty much, and always is different, and this pizza picture represents the ones haven't immortalize yet, pizza is one of the dishes that I like the most. But the ones that I really like the best, are the ones I haven't created yet! {wink}"