Homemade Energy Drink :: Cacao, Coffee & Vanilla Beans

This is not a health food, guys. It's a good replacement for the Red Bulls and Diet Cokes or they are good if you need energy for a race or long run. It's strong, let me warn you. 

Get Movin' :: Homemade Energy Drink from Juli Novotny on Vimeo.

But it's super simple to make and takes no time at all.

My sister recently did the Hood To Coast in Oregon and I made this up for her to use while she did her relay. I've also been running a ton lately. I stick to 3 miles and I'm getting pretty fast at it. SOMETIMES I am need of a little pick me up. And this does the trick, let me tell you. 

It's also my first attempt at putting together an instructional food video. 

It kinda sucks? Vimeo screwed up a lot of it when uploaded. I can't seem to figure out how to prevent that.But, you get the idea, right? 

More to come.