Cooked Food Week :: Day 2 :: Simple Berry Yogurt


I don't usually post about yogurt. But, today, I am. It's "NOT Raw Vegan", what can I say? I had bought an organic whole milk, high acidophilus yogurt from Whole Foods that came in a glass jar. It comes in a glass jar and has no sugar. It's SOUR, let me tell you. 

I threw it into my Vitamix, added fresh wild berries and raw honey! That's it. 

My oldest son LOVES yogurt but the poor guys rarely gets any. When he does, he likes it sour with some honey. I wanted him to get some fruit this time, hence the recipe. 

Our friends visiting were into this as well. 

You can add ice to the blender and drink it as a smoothie/yogurt drink. OR, make a wonderful popsicle out of it. 

This is particulary good for my son because he has a few stomach issues that he's had since birth and the live cultures seem to be beneficial. 


3c organic whole milk unsweetened yogurt 
1c organic wild berries {all/any kind}
1/4c honey or other sweetener
ice {optional}

Blend in high speed blender. DRINK or FREEZE to make popsicles.