Time To Spruce Things Up

Vintage Vera Pillow :: Etsy ShopA few times a year I get like to freshen things up at my house. I don't want to spend too much money so a lot of what I do involves rearranging chairs, pictures, flower pots, etc. Or repainting walls. Maybe buying some new pillows or plants.

In fact, one easy way to make your old pots look great/new again is by swapping out your flowers or succulant or whatever plants you currently have in them.

Also, consignment stores often have REALLY great things for sale - somebody else might be tired of looking at even the most stylish of things. Hey, it happens to the best of us. 

When I buy anything new for my house I try and get rid of some of my old things as well. Right now I'm selling two old ginger lamps on craigslist and a very LARGE double outdoor lounger. I'm going to make the upstairs patio into yet another kids play area. 

I also often like to swap out my kids play toys a few times a year. I think the boys get tired of the same old books, the same old cars and legos. So, we head over to the toys store {fun for the whole fam, let me tell ya} and get some new toys. If you have a used toy store nearby GO FOR IT! That's even better. The one by us has a lot of baby stuff but not really legos and cars. Also, don't forget to take advantage of your local library for new books every so often.

Check out my new thrift store finds plus a few West Elm eco-friendly goodies in the photos below. 

Note: one of the best and cheapest ways to SPRUCE things up is by doing a really good house cleaning and purging of old papers, mail and/or cleaning out the junk drawers. My favorite cleaner for this kind of hard core sprucing up is ORANGE cleaner. You can get it at most health food stores. 

orange wonder works on everything and is super concentrated. i LOVE this stuff.

you'll never believe this, but i found this amazing rug at a local consignment store. ;)new kitchen towels and table linens. i'm excited to use these in upcoming blog posts photoshoots as well. pot and succulent $5 at local consignment storethese used pots were sort of retro. i love getting new pots and plants!new pillow addition to my sons bed. and a few good reads. new orchids bring a month or two of joy. and this new pillow is a HEMP west elm find. our old faucet broke so we went with a EURO modern one. it's the little things that add so much.


Hemp pillow from West Elm
Craftmark sustainable pillows from West Elm - on sale!
Check out Vintage Vera on etsy {VERA creates new pillows out of old vintage material patterns}