More Than Meets The Eye

For Father's Day my sons gave {they are only 2 and 3 yrs old, so of course I bought this as a gift FROM them} their dad a Transformers "Vault" - the entire life story from creation until now plus Japanese versions, old animation, never seen sketches, etc.!

I figured it could be something dad could look at and read with boys before bed at night. My sons aren't allowed to watch the movies or cartoons yet but they are still somehow fascinated by Transformer robots {they have a few of the action figures}. So I figured they could learn more about them through this very detailed, large, graphic book. And also get quality time with dad. 

OF COURSE, I too have been reading this book to the boys at night and at nap time because it's all they want to read. {good one, mom!} Prior to this, I have had zero interest in or understanding of Tranformers. I mean, ZERO. I don't even care how great Shia LeBouf and Megan Fox look. I couldn't really get into this whole car-turns-robot thing. 

Anyways, after reading and learning about the mind behind these robots, I have had a secret fascination with them. This book in particular is really cool because it shows artifacts - box office tickets, first posters ever made, VHS covers, and other memorabilia - and describes in detail the process of how these robots are drawn. Not to mention, each different robot has a really strange, kinda cool, name. 

I don't know which is worse - being forced to sit through annoying, whining, screaming Caillou & Phineas and Ferb or the aggressive Transformers cartoon? It's a toss up. Both are just as bad for their own reasons. 

But I had better get used to it. I have two little BOYS! Barbies and stuffed animals are never again in my future. {not necessarily a bad thing either, ha}

Side note: why is it that old school toys are so much cooler than the newer, modern ones? Take a look at some of the shots I took. You'll see what I mean. Hey, now I know why I really like this book: I just want to collect these old figurines.