Simple Ice Cream :: Quick & Dairy-Free

I'm busy blogging over at SDMOMFIA today; showing all the ladies how to make quick, easy, tasty, healthy strawberry ice cream without the dairy {cream & milk} or refined sugar. Instead this one uses inexpensive organic coconut milk, local honey and RAW fresh organic local fruits. 

For the complete recipe and more pics, you'll have to visit the post. Keep checking. It will be up soon. 

In the meantime, you can also drool over this Cantalope Ice Cream that came of out of the maker this morning. Took no laborous time at all and prep was so easy. Blended fruit, coconut milk, honey in the blender, pour it into the frozen bowl and pressed on! SIMPLE!

Both recipes are a lot less "fatty and creamy" than your typical ice cream. But they are not lacking in sweetness or texture and substance. In fact, they aren't icy at all. I'd call it more of a sorbet style gelato. Your kids will love it to, I guarantee. It's a perfect way for them to get organic fruit in their system. 

Anyways, I know it's hot out there these days, too. So, what better way to use up that over-ripe fruit and COOL OFF?