The Lazy Days of Summer

The busiest, most stressful time at our house is Summer time. So, we make sure and break it up with a few adventures that the entire family can enjoy. This year, now that we have two children over the age of 2, we decided to DRIVE our way to these destinations: Napa, LA & Palm Springs. 

We enjoyed some adult time alone as well as family fun stuff. 

Palm Springs was spent relaxing at the Riviera Hotel {we have never been here before, we generally stay at the Parker but they had a great deal on a one night stay and we wanted to try something new} and eating/lounging at the Ace {they always seem to have a stylish, fun menu with lots of vegetarian/vegan options}. 

Then LA was even more fun because we went from restaurant to restaurant, store to store on Abbot Kinney {my old home}. I haven't been in so long and totally miss it. Plus, it's changed a lot! Of course I also spent a nice amount of cash at Rawvolution - worth every penny. 

Napa was our last and final destination. Talk about beautiful. Amazing. Wonderful. It's my home away from home and REALLY want to live there part time someday. Not only do a lot of my best friends live up there but the air is just so different than San Diego. It's calm and peaceful and green! 

We stayed in the guest house at the Staglin Family Vineyard. {Thank You Shannon & Family}. Have you seen the Parent Trap movie? Or pictures from Christina Aguileras wedding? Both took place at this beautiful property. 

Summer here in SD is just beginning really. So stay tuned from more pics!

p.s. I don't think I have eaten more kale chip in my entire life! Going from PS to SD to LA to Napa isn't difficult for a healthy vegan. There are SO many healthy markets. Vegan restaurants and gourmet ones too. Great for ALL types of foodies.