A Busy Day. Onion Bread & Fruit Leather.

I love mornings when I get up early, accomplish numerous tasks and it's still only 8:30a and kids haven't even left for school yet.

Today was one of those days.

7:00am tea was brewing in the press. Kids breakfasts were made {warm oatmeal topped with agave} and fresh cantaloupe smoothies

7:30am I had blended all the fruit that was overly ripe - bananas and peaches - and made them into fruit leathers.

8:30am onion bread dough was being dumped from the food processor and spread onto dehydrator sheets.  9am I had the boys' lunches made, the dishwasher unloaded and sink full of dishes. Wahooo. 

LUCKILY we were having our house cleaned this morning. What a treat! And of course it helps to have dad monitor screaming kids and empty the dishwasher! Thankful for that!

My kids, by the way, don't eat fruit. What kid doesn't like fruit? NEITHER of mine do and I'm working on it. So every single day I blend up cantalope or I blend watermelon and create an icy drink. OR I fresh press orange and apple juice mixed with cucumber. So at least they are getting fruit in some fashion. 

One thing that they seem to love and can't get enough of is fruit leather. Basically, you take any fruit you like - pineapple, mango, peaches, strawberries, etc. and add a bananas - then put that into a blender until liquified. Pour onto Teflex dehydrator sheet and BAM your kids are eating fruit. 

The onion bread is better when you blend it a bit more than my photos show. My recipe was adapted from a previous post/recipe

Oh and next up is cantalope shake made with orange raw vegan ice cream. 

The onion bread can be topped with all sorts of things. If you haven't already seen my posts about raw vegan sandwiches, you should check it out now. These breads are GREAT for sandwiches, for dipping, for putting almond butter and honey on or even avocado {lemon & sea salt}. You name it. As shown below, hummus goes well with it too and so does SOUP. The soup I made was fantastic. ENJOY!