Crispy Eggplant Strips & Marlie Centawer

I'm the luckiest lady ever to have a wonderful guest post from the lovely Marlie Centawer. If you don't know Marlie yet, you should. A living foods chef, instructor, educator, and writer, Marlie Centawer is passionate about sharing the creative potentials of holistic plant-based cuisine with others. In fact she was the winning recipient of an online raw dessert challenge for her Mulberry Maven raw + vegan cake pops. {note: you may recognize them from my pinterest food board}

She also writes an adorable blog full of delicious raw-vegan-gluten-free recipes, called barefoot and frolicking

Today Marlie is sharing with us, by request {YUM}, a wonderful crispy eggplant recipe {a vegan's take on the traditional style bacon but without the meat. if you will? only way more gourmet and amazing}. 


Yields: a multitude of eggplant strips

1 eggplant, sliced thinly with a knife or mandolin into long strips resembling the length of SAD bacon
1 tbsp maple syrup
1-2 tsp tamari/nama shoyu {raw soy sauce for those of you who might not know}
1 tsp sesame oil
dash of mesquite powder 
1 tbsp sea salt (to prep the eggplant) cracked pepper, to taste

1. In a large bowl, place strips of eggplant. Salt with 1 tbsp sea salt, and toss so the eggplant has been integrated with the sea salt. 

2. Leave the eggplant and sea salt to comingle for 20-30 minutes. The sea salt helps to draw moisture from the eggplant, and also to reduce the bitter taste of the raw flesh.

3. Once the sea salt has absorbed into and the eggplant, rinse under water and pat thoroughly with a cloth or paper towel until all of the sea salt/water has been removed (otherwise, the eggplant strips will taste incredibly salty.) There should be a few tbsp of liquid in the bottom of the bowl. Discard as well. 

4. In another bowl, coat the eggplant strips with the maple syrup, tamari/nama shoyu, sesame oil, mesquite powder(optional), and pepper.

5. Place the caoted strips into the dehydrator, and dehydrate at 105 degrees for approximately 4-5 hours, or until strips are crispy.

6. Enjoy in a raw sandwhich, salad, wrap, or on their own for a delicious snack! 

------------>>> A special thank you to Marlie, I'm so glad we got to connect!