Virgin Pineapple Colada :: Kids Will Love It Too

It's that time of year again - FARMER'S MARKETS & FRUIT!!!!!!!!! I don't love fruit all THAT much but when it's extra ripe, in season and HOT out!? There's nothing better. Plus I like to keep my kids occupied with these types of things and away from the other sweet stuff.

If you haven't noticed - I talk about and use Tomberlie's Raw Vegan Ice Cream, all of the time. The reaons for this is 1) it's SO good tasting. 2) minus the agave nectar, it's full of foods I encourage my kids to eat as much of as possible - raw fresh young coconut meat, raw cashews and fruit! 3) it add calories, protein and fat to their diets. All of which are CRUCIAL to proper brain and body health and development. 

You do NOT have to add the ice cream. In fact, this drink is AMAZING on it's own - just ice and pineapple in the blender! OMG. And of course, less calories, if you are concerned with that at all.